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Corporate Events

The Nomad Cook specializes in creating the perfect experience for your next corporate party. Whether it’s a year end celebration, executive retreat or trade show networking event, we custom tailor our menu and music to create a memorable night.

Private Bookings

The Nomad Cook comes to you and takes away all the stress of hosting the perfect dinner party. Our Chef custom creates a menu after a consultation with the host. Menus are built around your food likes & dislikes, dietary restrictions and food allergies. Our Chef arrives with a server, dishware and all the ingredients to execute a four-course menu. No need to worry about anything other than the wine in your guests glasses.


No other ingredient has such importance when it comes to safe & responsible dosing. Learn the math & techniques for creating accurate extracts, introduction to terpenes and the endocannabinoid system. The Nomad Cook offers private group cooking lessons, online direct tutorials and kitchen consultations for introducing the newest frontier in the culinary world; infused dining.

Recipe Creation

Looking to feature a strain of cannabis through food? Our chefs will start with the terpene profile of your strain and create a dish that best represents those original aromas and flavours. Don’t mask your terpenes by decarbing your cannabis, The Nomad Cook treats cannabis just like any other premium ingredients and uses infusion methods which focus on promoting terpenes. Our responsible dosing techniques ensure that accurate and precise amounts of thc or cbd are put into each recipe created.

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the Global Pandemic of the Covid-19 crisis all events are postponed until further notice. If you purchased a ticket to any of the April events or have a Private Dinner booked, make up dates will be offered. Refunds will only be offered if no make up date can be held within the calendar year.

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As our chefs travel the globe collaborating & creating, we are there to help tell the ever evolving story of culinary cannabis.

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Time to dine with others again.

Time to dine with others again.

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