Travis Petersen

“The next trend on everyone’s tongue in Canada is Cannabis-Infused foods and Chef Travis Petersen is leading the way… He has been traveling from province to province under the name The Nomad Cook… and has quickly cemented his spot as Canada’s leading cannabis Chef”

– Aaron Cunningham – April 1 2020 – Dress To Kill Magazine

Born and raised in Vancouver, Travis Petersen is the owner and founder of The Nomad Cook.

Serving over 3000 Canadians their first infused dining experience since the legalization of recreational use, Travis is recognized as the leading Cannabis Chef in Canada.

Travis specializes in highlighting terpene profiles of specific cannabis strains into his Asian inspired dishes. He has collaborated with companies like Sundial, Canopy Growth and Aurora.

Travis is very passionate about the environment and using his platform to educate people on how they can cut back on unnecessary waste in the kitchen.

His goal of bringing infused dining out from the underground and into the mainstream is closer with each successful event.

Outside of the kitchen, you can find Travis nerding out to podcasts about history or world events.

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